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Featured fisherman for March '18

Bob Cameron

  • From Geraldton
  • Fishing with GFC for 3 months
  1. How did you come to be in the Fishing Industry? My pop (Ron Ash) was a fisherman, to fund his farming habit, and my old boy (Greg Ash) was a fisherman
  2. How long have you been fishing for the co-op and what got you started? I’ve been fishing for 3 months, mostly so I could be at home more with my family. 
  3. What has been the biggest lesson/surprise you’ve learned so far? The biggest surprise was the The help I have received from other fishermen, especially Greg Horsman, but everyone I have come across has been happy to help however they can.
  4. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to enter the industry? Get organised, take the risk and hope for the best. 
  5. What qualities do you think make a successful fisherman? I guess people who are very particular and organised seem to do well. I have to work on that.
  6. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen out on the water? I saw a fox catch a mullet south of Bowes river one time 
  7. In your opinion what makes a good deck hand? People who are easy going and hard working 
  8. What do you love most about what you do? The lifestyle and the people around me 
  9. What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Co-op?  Everyone’s been really helpful, pointing me in the right direction and getting established 
  10. And lastly, what do you enjoy doing when you’re not on the water? Spending time on our farm

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