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Wild caught every day of the year from the clean and abundant waters off Western Australia, each Brolos rock lobster is selected by hand for its quality and vitality.

Our fishers work from Kalbarri in the north to Augusta in the South – over 1000 kilometres of crystal clear waters. Western rock lobsters thrive in untouched ecosystems from the pristine Abrolhos Islands off the coast of Geraldton and along the continental shelf of the Indian ocean.

Take a step abroad and experience a day in the office of our Members as they fish for only the best Brolos Western Rock lobster.

Joe Morey

  • Fremantle Fisherman
  • Fishing with GFC for 21 years
  • Skippers Lady Rachell

A care-taker of the ocean


“We have an industry like no other and I am proud to be a Fisherman.”

                                                                                                                   — Joe Morey


Joe Morey, one of GFC’s most loyal and long term Southern members, has fished for the Co-op for more than 21 years. Joe is a fourth generation Commercial Cray-fisherman who started his fishing journey in 1999 in C-Zone based out of Greenhead, with his Dad Peter Morey skippering their boat named Lady Rachell.

Joe was named after his great-grandfather Joseph Waters from his mum’s side, who was one of the original Fishers involved in commercial fishing back in the 1960s. Joe’s dad’s side of the family also have a long history in the cray-fishing industry.  His grandad Brian Morey, started the business which now sees Joe as the 3rd generation from this side of the family to continue working in the business.

Joe is a family-oriented man, who says his dad Peter has always been his role model and he now realises his dad has always worked hard for the benefit of the family. Joe has inherited his hard working mindset from his dad and he too has been trying his best to provide a good life and a secure future for his family.  After being a loyal GFC member for 21 years, Joe is proud to say GFC is like a big family to him and he is grateful that the Co-op has been looking after him and the family business for all of these years.

For Joe and other fishers, the ocean is their second home. Joe believes it is his responsibility to be a ‘care-taker of the ocean’, to protect the resource and ensure industry sustainability. Joe believes that fishing sustainably isn’t purely to support his family; in his mind, there is a bigger picture, one which includes looking out for others in the community and providing more local jobs.

By taking pride in everything he does, whether it be looking after the boat, fishing or engaging with the community, Joe hopes others outside the industry will appreciate the community benefits gained from the Rock Lobster Industry.

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