Geraldton Fishermen's Co-operative Rock Lobster Exporters


Member Benefits

GFC offers the following benefits and services to members:

  • Quota sourcing and subsequent leasing to Fishermen.
  • Quota sales facilitation.
  • Fish Eye support and access at Geraldton and Fremantle.
  • Catch dockets emailed within one hour of grading.
  • Lobster quality feedback.
  • Lobster cartage services available.
  • Twice monthly lobster payments and pool systems including e-statements, invoices and statistical information.
  • Access to GFC’s pool payment facility.
  • Member rebate at GFC’s Marine Store
  • Member rebates at GFC’s boatyard and travel lift.
  • Access to Bunnings Trade PowerPass account incentives, in-store savings at Bunnings and account management tools.
  • Share fishing agreements as a percentage of the daily catch.
  • Skipper and Deckhand payments as a percentage of the daily catch.
  • Deposit accounts on request and associated fund transfers/payment requests.

For more information or enquiries, contact Leith Teakle, General Manager – Member Services.

0437 824 925

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