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November 14, 2017

How To: Split a Lobster

To prepare a split lobster, either cooked or raw.

Step 1

If the lobster is frozen defrost in a bath of cool water for 30 minutes and prepare immediately. Lay the lobster belly-down on a cutting board and insert a large, sharp knife into the head section with the blade pointing forward. Press down firmly to split the head in half.

Step 2

Carefully re-insert the knife into the head, this time with the blade pointing towards the tail, then split the rest of the lobster in half. Press down firmly on the flat side of the knife to ensure the shell is cut through.

Step 3

Unfold the split halves carefully to ensure the head remains attached to the tail.



Step 4

If you don’t want to eat the tomalley, gently wash the head section under running water to remove. If the lobster is already cooked it is now ready to serve as desired. If the lobster is raw, it is ready to prepare according to your favourite recipe.

Note: Use immediately after preparing to avoid a natural and harmless discolouration of the lobster meat.


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