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Welshpool Live Lobster Export Facility

Our brand new Welshpool Live Lobster Export Facility is the latest addition to the Co-op’s strategic network. Covering more than 4000m2, this purpose designed and built facility is the world’s largest rock lobster export facility. 80 tonnes of live lobster will be held in a climate controlled, computer monitored aquaculture system, in more than 1,200 tonnes of refrigerated seawater.

GFC has moved decisively to take advantage of opportunities in China, following the ratification of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) in December 2015. This new facility completes a modern and efficient chain of logistics from catch through to consumer. Situated just 4km from Perth International Airport, Welshpool will become the launch pad for direct entry into the China B2B and B2C markets.

The Official Opening of the Welshpool Live Lobster Export Facility is the culmination of over 6 decades of growth and development, and represents a milestone for our company, our fishery and for the Australian seafood export industry.

With a total live lobster holding capacity of 220 tonne, GFC can ensure supply of Brolos brand lobsters throughout the year.

Take a fly through the facility below.

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