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Cotton Tail – June 2018

Recently we’ve been seeing a low level of so-called “cotton tail” lobsters in the intake.  When viewed through the membrane under the tail, the meat of these lobsters appears “cooked” (see below image).  While it’s not clear what causes this phenomenon, these lobsters are naturally present in the wild at very low levels throughout the year.  What is clear is that the meat of these lobsters is not acceptable to your customers.

While I’ve yet to meet anyone game enough to try the meat of these lobsters raw (for sashimi), when cooked the meat usually shrinks badly (i.e. low yield), falls to pieces and has an unpleasant floury texture.  For these reasons cotton tail lobsters are not fit for any Brolos product and will be rejected as a deduction (i.e. zero value) if found at intake grading.

Please pass this information to your deckies and ensure they return these animals to the ocean.


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