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Member China Tours

After three incredible trips over the past 18 months GFC is taking to the skies again this November for our 2018 China Tour. Once again we will follow your lobster on its journey from WA all the way to your Chinese customers giving you a first-hand understanding of what your Co-op is doing to maximise returns for your product in China.

Given the ever changing environment in China we are yet to finalise exact itinerary however you can be assured it will be an experience not to be missed filled with all the best parts of the previous three trips, along with new faces, new activities, and brand new locations! As well as being a fantastic opportunity to forge new friendships with your fellow GFC members from up and down the WA coast.

At this early stage the trip is planned to fall within the first 2 weeks of November. Numbers are strictly limited so if you wish to get in early and express your interest in reserving a spot on the trip please contact Leith Teakle on 0437 824 925 or email

GFC China tours are an excellent opportunity to learn about our industry’s most significant seafood market and experience one of the world’s most exciting nations.

Each tour is unique and designed to give members an insight into what happens to your Brolos lobster once it departs Perth. From meeting with customers, visits to sprawling seafood markets and restaurants you’ll learn about the supply/ value chain and why your Brolos rock lobster is revered by so many.

Members will also have the opportunity to interact with senior staff from GFC and our China partners to learn about key developments and initiatives designed to achieve the highest returns back to members.

The tours will see members travelling to various cities in China, with educational and informative activities scheduled along the way, as well as opportunities to socialise and experience some of the more popular tourist attractions.

GFC arrange the itinerary, logistics and activities to ensure that members make the most of their time. Throughout your tour, you will be accompanied by GFC staff and translators to provide on-the-ground support.

An immersive experience, the trip will provide you with an opportunity to develop close relationships with GFC staff, your fellow co-op members and learn more about the inner workings of the co-op in the China market.

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