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March 21, 2021

Shore Leave Festival

The Shore Leave event will be a four-day festival from 24th – 27th September 2021, celebrating the culture, food (crayfish will be one of the headline attractions) and adventure that makes the Midwest region unique.

The name Shore Leave was decided by the Tourism Geraldton Midwest board as a nod to the rich maritime history and the connotations of a holiday, leisure, and adventure synonymous with the region.

GFC’s involvement in this initiative will help increase the profile of one of the central communities where we operate (a primary Co-operative value) and improve the Western rock lobster industry’s social license within the broader WA community.  Most importantly, we hope it will help raise the profile and local demand for our tasty lobsters!

We are confident that Shore Leave will become a world-class event, leaving visitors with a lasting positive impression of the region and our product.


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